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23rd October 2019 

About Me

I grew up in London but over the years have lived and worked in a number of different countries and cultures.

I trained as a counsellor after finishing a first career in business - during which I worked both in large corporate organisations and set up and ran my own business. Although counselling often feels very different to my earlier professional life, I find that my experiences from earlier in my career often inform my work as a counsellor - for example in my understanding of the issues clients are facing in balancing the demands of their professional and personal lives.

I trained at the Metanoia Institute,in Ealing. The Metanoia Institute is a long-established and very well-regarded training centre for counsellors and psychotherapists. I have an MSc in Psychotherapy (5 years) and a Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (3 years). These training courses combined cognitive, humanistic and psychodynamic models of working with clients and I would describe myself as ‘integrative’ in my approach.

I have a Diploma in Clinical Supervision from the Metanoia (2 years).

I am an accredited member of both the UK Council For Psychotherapy (UKCP) and the British Association For Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) – the two principal accrediting bodies for counsellors and psychotherapists working in private practice. Both bodies have extensive and rigorous criteria for accreditation.

I am a Certified Transactional Analyst and member of the International Association of Relational Transactional Analysis.

I am committed to ethical, non-discriminatory practice with my clients and abide by the principles and ethics of both the UKCP and BACP.